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Update from Peter

Special Olympics Head Athletics coach has done a great job reporting on the US teams travels. The team is on it’s way from Rhodes to Athens as I type this. Here is part 2 of his story.

11:39pm and still…..in the Baltimore airport. Arrived here at 3:00 and have had a long day here with 450 of my (now) closest friends. Our plane to Ireland was supposed to be in the air at 8:00pm, but when mechanics start opening the side panels of the engines, tinker with it for a while, pull away in the repair truck and never return…..well, not a good sign. Well, better than trying to repair it 1000 miles from land over the Atlantic. So a new plane arrived around 11:30, the air force crew arrived to a standing ovation and maybe, maybe, we’ll be boarding within an hour. I have no idea when we’ll arrive in Ireland or Greece.
Hurry up and wait, our motto,was sure in place today.

To be continued.


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